Styling Tip - Froggy Pose on the Beanbag by Sarah Scott Photography, Brisbane Australia
From Sarah ...
Froggy pose is one of my most requested and favourite set ups! I would recommend attempting this pose only after attending a workshop or mentoring and learning how to pose baby safely in this position. Newborn safety is of utmost importance to me, and this pose is created as a composite of two images. There are hands on baby at all times and they are never left unattended. As with any pose, I prefer to use stretchy fabric drops on the beanbag to ensure that there are no wrinkles in the background. My preference is always for monotone set ups, so I tend to use either a matching fabric wrap piece, or a wrap in the same colour tone as my layer for under the baby.
Edited Image - Drop & Matching Wrap Piece - Morgan fabric
Behind the Scenes - Drop & Matching Wrap Piece - Laura fabric
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